Welcome to the new site of our club. It was about time to replace our previous site. Hence we herewith present our new website.

Our new events calendar is made available. The pictures on the homepage will be updated regularly. The forms work and can be created easily per event. If you fill out a form, you will also immediately receive a confirmation of what you’ve sent and what we received. In the member’s area there is plenty of space to post photos of the members, your photos, in an easy way online. To enter these pages, you must enter a simple password that you receive by mail. If this protection is not thorough enough, we will have to introduce a slightly more uprated protection.

The site will be supplemented with a page with interesting and TVR related links. Optionally also with a section ‘for sale & wanted. We are also looking for something to add news items in a smooth way. There is thought to provide a blog for the members section where they can exchange views. If you have other needs, we like to hear about them.

As a general rule we put only photo’s online that come from our members or that are photo rights free. In the public part of the site we will not post any recognizable license plates unless this has been checked with the owner in question. We will also show no members in a recognizable way unless checked with the member concerned. In the members area we will place all your own pictures. There will be members and participants at our events and their cars with legible license plates. But this part is protected with a password. We realize that this is only a simple protection. If this does proves insufficient, we will uprate the security. Anyway, if you do not agree with a picture in which you or your car is pictured, let us know and we will remove that picture as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, we look forward to your responses. You can always email us at mail@tvrcarclub.be. The other general e-mail address we cannot use on this site because it is apparently picked up easily by search engines. It remains in force and we will continue to use it for our general mailings. You can also use the new contact form. This form will be automatically forwarded to the members of the board and the Events Committee. We look forward to your suggestions and comments.

We are confident that this new site will motivate our members to become more involved in the club.

Dirk Janssens
Chairman and provisional webmaster.